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We thank you for your interest in our offer!

What do you have to know before you buy! Please make proof of the following documents in conformity with the EU standards!

      1. The valid exploitation code of your farm. (on the piglets for fattening)
      2. The valid slaughter authorization (on the pigs for slaughter)
      3. The import approval from the Health Department.
      4. The contact data of the firm through which you do the importation.
      5. The address to which the delivery will be made.

The import preparation:

      1. The animals will be selected from specialized farms.
      2. They will have the vaccines and blood tests made in conformity with the EU standards.
      3. After receiving the invoice, we will ask you to pay on time its amount so that the money will reach the seller 2 days before the       Pigs delivery.
      4. Only the healthy animals will be loaded.
      5. The loading of the animals will be controlled by the accredited doctor of the Health Care Association who supervises the export.
      6. On loading we will write the export papers.
      7. The health export papers will be sent directly to the Health Care Department in Romania.
      8. The animals which do not correspond will be replaced.
      9. The animals are insured by the seller until unloading.
* The prices are without VAT. The VAT payers will be given an external invoice, without VAT.

Thank you!
Best regards,
Ing. Mayer Arthur